Experience the wonders of nature, beauty of the sea and magic of island life by coming for a visit.  You can reach the harbor islands by boat, being mindful of the tides and Mother Nature.  Small skiffs and non-motorized crafts (kayaks, canoes) are the preferred way to travel.


No fee camping is allowed at established sites on Cape, Trotts and Vaughn’s Islands. Each Island has several campsites with a designated maximum capacity.

Please use this website or call the office at 207-967-3465 to reserve a campsite within 7 days of your travel date(s). Advanced reservations are not accepted.

Most islands off the Maine coast commonly include a host of flora and fauna, including some not so pleasant to humans, such as mosquitos, marauding raccoons, and poison ivy. You can forestall the raccoons by keeping all food inside a cooler (very firmly latched) or your tent, and the mosquitos can be repelled with plenty of bug spray. The poison ivy is more of a challenge, and this year the Island Stewards will be testing an organic vinegar spray on Cape Island.

Spraying this highly concentrated solution on young plants had had success on Jewell Island in Casco Bay, so we are hopeful it will keep the poison ivy under control immediately around the campsites. But we will never eradicate it completely, so we recommend you familiarize yourself with what it looks like and avoid it. Should you come in contact with the plant, washing with liberal amounts of soap (dish soap – i.e. detergent is better) and salt water is a good immediate solution.

While camping is free, you can help us with care for the islands!  Please considering becoming a Trust Member by making any sized contribution so we can forever maintain these special properties for all to enjoy for generations to come!  Together, we can make a difference.  Together, we can do great things!