You will be camping on land owned and maintained by the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust.  As part of your camping reservation, the Trust is permitting you to burn a campfire in, and only in, Trust maintained firepits.  Building and/or using rouge firepits is strictly prohibited.

Within 48 hours of your reservation date, each camper is required to visit the Maine Forest Service’s Wildfire Danger Report at:

Note, our islands are located in zone 10 on the digital map.  If the color of zone 10 is Yellow, Orange, or Red the fire risk is too high and you are not allowed to have any open fires – i.e. campfires are not permitted.

When leaving your campsite, please be sure your campfire is completely extinguished.  The best practice is to douse with water, stir down to the lowest coals, and douse a second time.

Thank you for following this important safety precaution, and have a wonderful, and safe, camping experience.